Commercial Snow Removal Services

When Missouri winters bring snow, ice, and chaos, 1st Choice Construction’s St. Louis snow removal crew will clean it up quickly and effectively.

Snow removal is one of the most appreciated services we have on offer. Choice Construction is a top-rated Commercial Snow removal company in St. Louis. It is one of the most appreciated services we have on offer.

Snow Removal Services Include:

  • Snow plowing services
  • Snow shovelling and blowing
  • De-Icing services
  • Sidewalk Snow removal
  • Salting

Big or Small, We Do it All

We have the experience, equipment, and crew to handle any size of property; be it industrial, commercial, residential, or a sidewalk. We are happy to remove snow from your parking lots, yards, streets, roadways, and driveways.

Your Safety is our Priority

We do not stop at clearing the block yet but are hands-on with you until each and every of your employee or family is safe and inside.

Safety of your people and you from ice and snow is just a call away! And, we do this at the most competitive rates.