Commercial Roofing Repair and Replacement

We Use the Highest Quality Products

A leak in your roof translates into outlay of your reputation and convenience. Landscaping, painting, or even tastefully done interior will not save you from the embarrassment.

Your premise is your first opportunity to impress your clients. Build up on that!

1st Choice Construction is one of the most trusted names in the commercial roof repair and replacement market of Missouri.

Repair or Replacement

We carefully audit the roof and other areas like chimneys and plumbing vents plus any damaged shingles or nails to figure out if the roof requires repair or replacement.

Commercial roofs are often a little trickier than residential due to various circumstances such as previous repair attempts, often low slope and hold water, frequently holding water between the cap sheet and substrate or in the substrate itself. 1st Choice production staff are very well trained and experienced and will offer the best solution available between repair types. We will usually offer 2-3 possible solutions as we realize budgets for repairs vary greatly from client to client. 

When we have a client that has a commercial steep or low slope roof that is approaching the end of its serviceable life we offer Maintenance agreements to keep per hour costs lower since the client is confident they will have upcoming repairs. This also prioritizes our Maintenance customers ahead of those that just call out of the phone book, speeding up the reaction, service, and repairs for these VIP customers.

High-Quality Products

We apply high-quality products for doing the repairing. Our team will make sure to use the material for revamping, which is same or similar to your existing roof material. The result is, of course, a shining and robust roof that looks stunning and new like forever.

Extend the Life of Your Roof

Please note, regular checks on the roof will indeed save you from shelling out a humongous sum on the replacement. Therefore, a periodic audit of your roof is highly recommended. Once water begins to damage your property, it moves much faster than you think.

The Best Craftsmanship at a Fair Price

What distinguishes us from any and every other player in the arena is our eye for detail and choice of quality products that we use to mend your roof. We have with us one of the most experienced and skilled crew that is determined to provide you with the most sustainable and cost-effective St Louis commercial roofing repair and replacement services.

Get a free estimate from us if the roof of your office is leaking. Also, if you have not inspected the roof of your building for some time, book us now for a quick audit.