Insurance Roofing Mitigation & Insurance Roofing Restoration

Rebuilding After Storms and Damage

Insurance related restoration and remodeling differs from traditional retail construction primarily because the client was not emotionally tied to the decision of remodeling prior to the loss. It is being forced on the customer by an act of nature or chance. Insurance restoration is also quite different as pertains to pricing in that the carrier only owes to replace what is damaged often causing a conflict between what the customer would want and what the carrier is willing to pay for. 

Insurance carriers use one of a few types of estimating software to estimate a project. In many cases, this software is not inclusive of circumstances surrounding your loss and is more of a cookie cutter approach and we usually supplement at no cost to the client for items missing or different than allowed by the insurance adjuster. Virtually all of our supplements are approved quickly by the adjuster because we don’t ask for anything that we cannot provide documentation for, usually in the form of a photo or a diagram.

Protect Your Claim History

Insurance adjusters have one of the toughest jobs from the perspective of customer service. In our experience, adjusters usually try really hard to pay for a loss as long as they themselves can obtain the proper documentation. We have built a reputation for being accurate on our suggestion to file a claim when necessary. We go to great lengths to keep our clients from filing unwarranted claims to help protect their claim history.  

Because of our reputation with adjusters when we recommend a customer file a claim they can feel comfortable that we have taken all factors into account and would be willing to meet the adjuster to be sure that our project manager and the adjuster are on the same page when the adjuster leaves. Collaborating at the time of the insurance inspection can be critical to reducing supplements for both the adjuster and the contractor. We will under no circumstances be aggressive or argue with an adjuster as we see it the same as arguing with a state patrolman on the side of the road. We are much better off asking questions and recording conditions and then appealing our case later.

Do You Have Professionals On Your Side?

Have you filed a claim? Not sure if you should? Need someone to meet your adjuster? Give us a call or go to the contact us page to get us out quickly and we will advise you based on your exact circumstance, not our wallet.