Our Process for Smarter Claims

When disaster happens to your home, assessing the damage and going through with the correct claims process with your insurance company can feel overwhelming. The good news is that roof replacement or repair after hail and other damage doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking for you as the homeowner.

Our team at 1st Choice has a customer-backed track record of being transparent and moral mediators when working with you and your insurance on claims for repairs. This is why we are rated A+ with the BBB and this is why we have a warranty claim/callback rate of less than 2%.

Think of a company that provides similar services as us, but offers to pay a deductible or other kind of discount. While this seems like a good deal at first that’s attractive to new customers, it’s actually an indicator of some shady business practices that are frowned upon in the state of Missouri. If contractors are offering you a deal that seems too good to be true, you can be sure that they’re cutting corners somewhere to still make a profit.

Here’s our process:

  1. We document and prioritize all damage.
  2. With you, we will walk through the agreement process where we choose a style, color and quality of materials from our extensive inventory to be used.
  3. We also decide how materials will be replaced and/or installed.
  4. Pricing is estimated.
  5. Our experienced project managers work with your insurance to finalize pricing. Not that pricing is always subject to insurance replacement cost value determined by your insurance carrier. The carrier will likely split payments into two portions and may include your mortgage company on the first or even second payments.

Our most common reason for damaged roofing replacement and repair? Hail. In the case of severe hail, we can offer 24-hour emergency service to mitigate any further loss by putting temporary repairs and protection in place.

For a free estimate, use our simple online form or call us at 636-282-0090.