St. Louis Residential Roofing

What to Consider Before Purchasing a New Roof

If you are planning on replacing your current roof, there are many avenues to explore.

Below is a list of helpful questions to consider when purchasing a new roof.

1.  How long are you planning on staying in your home or business?

2.  Are there any historical society or HOA requirements for color and type of roofing system?

3.  Regardless of the type of roofing, what is your budget?

4.  Does your insurance company offer any special discounts for impact resistant shingles?

1st Choice Construction is a full-service roofing and exteriors remodeling contractor. We have experience installing all types of roofing systems available. 1st Choice Construction is committed to installing all of our roofing systems to NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) guidelines.

Making us your 1st Choice for St. Louis residential roofing will ensure the following:

  • Experienced and qualified installers.
  • A fair, honest and accurate estimate.
  • Work to exceed customer’s expectations and gain referrals.
  • To keep work areas safe and leave property as clean as possible.

Roof Repairs

1st Choice completes over 100 St Louis roof repairs each year and we are responsible for saving our clients countless thousands of dollars each year by not replacing but repairing and maintaining their existing roofs.  

Roof leaks are commonly caused by flashings that were either improperly installed or were not designed to last the entire lifespan of the roof. A good example of this is the frequently used (no-caulk) or epdm pipe flashings that are mounted at the base of soil stack flashings. These flashings are designed to last 3-5 years prior to replacement but typically last 10-14 depending on exposure due to the direction of the slope. A simple solution is to install a lead pipe flashing as either a permanent repair or a repair boot if the roof is nearing the end of its serviceable life. 

We have also repaired thousands of chimney/skylight and other major penetrations in residential roofs that commonly cause interior damage. Contact us today to schedule an evaluation to see how we can extend the useable life of your current roof rather than replacing it.

Shingle Roofs

Shingles are a Durable and Economical Choice for Sloped Roofing

Asphalt Shingles

These are the most common forms of roofing used and are also referred to as composition shingles that are normally reinforced using fiberglass. Asphalt shingles are inexpensive, relative to other types, easy to repair and available in many styles and colors. They are often fire resistant and represent a great value in residential roofing.

Wood Shingles

These are manufactured using spruce, cedar or treated pine. They are smooth at the back and have a rough front. They look light gray in color and blend with the environment. While aesthetically pleasing, they require more maintenance than most roofing systems available. With proper maintenance, these roofs can last up to 25 years.

Slate Shinglesroof plate tiles

Slate shingles are used for upscale properties as it offers a natural look. These are completely fireproof, low-maintenance, unique natural appearance and last for more than 50 years.

Metal Shingles

These shingles are made using tin, steel, copper or aluminum. They are lightweight, can remain functional for 50 years or more, very environmentally friendly, low maintenance and come in various styles and colors.

Clay Tile Shingles

Clay tile shingles may be the right option for your building design, they are often used in warmer climates where less freeze thaw cycle. They can also last 50 years of more when maintained properly.