St. Louis Hail Damage Repair

After a hail storm, St Louis hail damage repair begins with identifying the damage and creating a plan for repairs. Most frequently the roof and siding take precedence unless windows have also been broken. In the case of severe hail, we can offer 24-hour emergency service to mitigate any further loss and secure the home or business.

Once all damage has been prioritized we will walk through the agreement process to choose a style, color and quality of materials to be used and how they will be replaced and or installed. We offer nearly all brands available in the Midwestern markets and have experience with nearly all brands offered. There is always a one off product here or there and we look forward to discussing these with you. We also have a small showroom in Arnold Mo or we can bring the samples to you.

Pricing is always subject to insurance replacement cost value determined by your insurance carrier. The carrier will likely split payments into two portions and may include your mortgage company on the first or even second payments. Our project managers have many years experience handling hail and wind claims processes with virtually every insurance carrier. In the state of Missouri, it is considered the unfair business practice to offer discounts to exterior residential insurance loss related projects.

You may have seen a company offer to pay a deductible or some other type of shifty discount that is used to draw in more customers. Please understand that insurance carriers spend a fortune to keep from overpaying on claims. If a contractor does 300 hail claims per year and pays 300 deductibles, it is likely $300,000.00 that they do not have to do the jobs with the best possible materials and in the most workmen like and efficient manner. This is why we are rated A+ with the BBB and this is why we have a warranty claim/callback rate of less than 2%.