Important Signs That Your Roof Is In Need of Repair Right Away

residential roofingWhen it comes to taking care of their home, many homeowners decide to focus on their foundation, simply because a solid foundation equates to a sound home. However, the foundation is not the only aspect of the home that requires diligent attention.

We’re talking about your roof.

The roof is the icing on the cake of your home. While under normal circumstances, your roof should be inspected once or twice per year, there are some clues you should not ignore when it comes to the structural integrity of your roof. Here are some signs your residential roofing is in need of some repair.

You cannot remember how old your roof is
Typically speaking, an asphalt roof can last between 25 and 30 years. But if you cannot remember when you got a new roof, it is important to take steps to give it a thorough check. This is simply because even if it looks good from the ground, there can be something murky happening underneath your shingles.

The shingles are moving around
Typically there are two ways your shingles show wear and tear. They can curl inward, which is a sign of an improper installation, or they curl outward, ripping and even falling off in patches. If you are noticing any of these symptoms, it is a telltale sign that there is water damage lurking around.

There’s moss or algae on your shingles
Structurally speaking, moss on your shingles isn’t that bad for your roof. However, if you don’t clean it off in due time, the moss can chip away at the important granules on the top of your shingles. The granules are a protective coating that keeps the sun’s rays from deteriorating the asphalt, and once they are chipped away, the quality and protection of your shingles decrease dramatically.

There’s a droop in your roof
If you notice your residential roofing is sagging, it is pivotal to call our roof repairs professionals right away. This is a sign that there is intense water or hail damage repair that needs to be done immediately. Don’t wait until your structural damage is too far gone to seek help.

Keep an eye out for these common signs that your residential and commercial roofing needs to be seen by a professional. If you have any questions or notice something that seems amiss, call our St Louis residential roofing professionals right away.