3 Signs You Should Check Your Roof For Hail Damage

hail damage repair

Hail storms can cause a bunch of damage to anything exposed outside. No residential roofing material is immune. Flat roofs, asphalt, clay, and metal can all sustain visible or invisible hail damage. Sometimes a homeowner can see some obvious damage to roofing materials on their home, but other times it’s difficult to discern damage from the ground. Don’t risk climbing your roof to check. It’s recommended you get a professional to take a quick peek at your roof after a bad storm regardless, but here are three sure-fire warning signs that you need to get your roof checked out.

Other Parts Of Your Home’s Exterior Were Damaged

If the hail damaged your windows, gutters, or siding, it’s likely that it was strong enough to do some damage to the top of your roof as well.

Nearby Cars Are Dented

Cars’ exteriors are tough metal. They can take simple dings. If your car or other nearby vehicles sustained some damage such as dents from the hail, then your roof probably got a few good knocks, too. Metal is famously long-lasting for residential and commercial roofing, but it can take some damage. A dent or two may not affect your roof much, but damage to the seams and joints of a metal roof could allow for water to leak into your home via the roof and cause some damage.

Your Neighbor’s Roof Needs Repairs

If your neighbor is already working on hail damage repair on their own roof, then your own roof is more likely to have sustained damage.

Missouri folk aren’t strangers to hail storms, especially in the past decade. If you lived in St. Louis area in 2011, you’ll remember how much hail fell that year; there were about 30 hail reports in the city! In 2017 there were 14, making Missouri number 5 on State Farm’s list of 10 ten states for paid hail claims that year.

So far in 2018, there have been 7, but more storms are anticipated. Worried about your own roof when the next hail storm rolls in? St Louis roof repairs and hail damage repair are handled expertly by 1st Choice Construction. We’re local, family owned and operated, and we know you need reliable speedy repairs. Call us after the next hail storm and know that your home is in good hands.